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Quiet Frame is a video production company that helps businesses tell their story through video advertisements. From working with Quiet Frame, we were able to develop and produce 15-second, 30-seconds and 60-second video advertisements that take our customers into the kitchen with the Fry'd Boys. Above is the Fry'd 60-second advertisement that highlights the process behind everyone's favorite late-night grub!

We worked with Bumble representatives at the University of New Hampshire to co-host a partnered event at our storefront. We offered customers a $2.00 off discount code if they sent their Bumble profile to the representatives. Through this event, we were able to both drive up our sales, as well as the number of Bumble profiles in the area! We are proud to stand with the women of Bumble!

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We worked with Timberland as a part of their company program that gives their employees access to great deals on local restaurants and other businesses in the area. Through this promotion, we were able to build more brand awareness, enticing new customers to try our food! We are glad to be able to help out the Timberland employees and look forward to furthering our partnership with Timberland!

We worked with the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega at the University of New Hampshire to help raise money for the philanthropic partner, HAVEN. HAVEN is a social services that provides services to victims of domestic and sexual violence.

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