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Mission Statement

Fry’d LLC seeks to fuel it’s customer’s late-night activities by providing a dietary inclusive and convenient menu close to home in the later hours of the night.

Meet The Team


Darren Gibadlo

Chief Executive Officer

Favorite Alcohol: NOCA

Favorite Menu Item: Gluten-Free Just Doob It's

Fun Fact: Ellen DeGeneres doppelgänger

Don’t let the fake glasses fool you. Darren wears his blue light glasses to look “witty”. Born and raised in Hampton Beach, NH, Darren drinks enough iced coffee to caffeinate New England. Following the iced coffee, he drinks a pack of Downeast Ciders to mellow him out. Basically, Darren is a Hummer that fuels itself solely by iced coffee, ciders, and his glasses to pull the image all together. If seen irritated, play Afroman on a loud speaker for immediate serenity.


Keane Regan

Chief Accounting Officer

Favorite Alcohol: Cîroc

Favorite Menu Item: Moon Rockz

Fun Fact: Can slam a revolving door

Weighing in at 275 lbs, Keane loves to pick things up and put them down again. He loves it so much that he decided to get into the perfect industry….for two weeks. Moving. He grew up surrounded by hay bales in North Branford, CT; he is a true cowboy (or so he thinks). Back in his junior year of college, Keane took on the identity of the crimson chin after being hit in the face by a broomstick.


Christopher Sheehan

Chief Technology Officer

Favorite Alcohol: Jim Beam Honey

Favorite Menu Item: BBQ Pulled Pork Waffle Fries

Fun Fact: Has been kicked in the head by a donkey

Standing 6’ negative 1”, Chris is from upstate but not upstate New York. He’s a bit of a Momma’s boy and is most proud of his ability to one touch an entire jar of pickle juice or his ability to lose money in the stock market. A friend to some, a liability to all. He has a pretty contagious laugh, which sometimes doesn’t bode well with the crowd he’s surrounded by. Chris can usually be found with Nelson, wubbin’ to various types of EDM music.


Patrick Duggan

Chief Financial Officer

Favorite Alcohol: Jose Cuervo

Favorite Menu Item: Buffalo Chicken Waffle Fries

Fun Fact: Owner of the most comprehensive list of million-dollar ideas

A mystery to some, an enigma to all. Born and raised in America’s hometown, Plymouth Mass. He eats quesadillas like popcorn and is a self proclaimed beer league hockey hero. This mastermind can cook up sub par music beats on demand. If you hear him yelling random song lyrics or movie quotes don't be alarmed, that's just what's roaming through his head at all times.

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